What is Stock Exchange?

A place where Stock brokers can buy or sell Shares and Securities and other financial things is called Stock Exchange. In other words we can say where Shares are traded publicly Companies are bought and sold is known as Stock Exchange. The facilities of Stock exchange is transferring of funds between businesses and investors and comes under the Stock market exchange. In simple words to give Best securities to investments. Stock Exchange trading is the inner part of the Stock trading market . Stock market provides facilities to Stock Trading. Stocks are risky but they give a chance to increase the wealth of investors.

Stock Exchange Companies:-

In India there are Two famous Stock exchange companies available. NSE (NIFTY) BSE (SYNTEX) 1) NSE (National Stock Exchange) The NSE is called the National Stock exchange, The most of the trading is done in NSE. 2) BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) Bombay Stock exchange (BSE) Established in 1992 it is the first asian stock exchange company to buy shares.


If a person buys shares from A Company and now he/she wants to sell it so they will find a buyer so when the buyer gives an amount to the seller so here stock is exchanging. There are Two Ways to Buy Shares:- Primary Method Secondary Method 1) If anyone wants to buy shares directly from the companies so here primary method will be applied. 2) Suppose if a company gives its shares 10 years ago and we have to buy those shares, then we will not be able to buy shares from the direct company. we have to buy them from someone who buys the shares 10 years ago from the same company, then this method comes in Secondary.

Prudential life assurance with ICICI

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Advantages of Stock Exchange:-

Stock exchange market is a good way to gain your profit but this is too risky knowledge is necessary, but before buying shares it is important to know about the turnover of the companies and future plans. If you have the right knowledge about stocks so you're ready to be a millionaire.

Disadvantages of Stock Exchange:-

If a company sells its shares doesn't take any type of guarantee about profit or loss. Share and stock exchange markets can Destroy or make an amazing life of a person so in other words risk is included. With the help of an assistant / Broker you can start stock exchange. So here is the information about Stock exchange also we've covered Pros and Cons of Stocks..

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